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Fire Extinguisher Sales & Maintenance in the Pasadena Area

Front Line Fire specializes in providing fire extinguisher services to those who take fire safety seriously. Our clients know that they can count on us for high-quality fire extinguishers made by trusted brands, timely service, and strict adherence to the California Fire Code. Having served the fire protection needs of thousands of businesses and residents throughout Pasadena, Eagle Rock, Arcadia, San Gabriel, Sierra Madre, and other nearby cities since 1988, we've become known as the San Gabriel Valley's best value in comprehensive fire extinguisher sales and services.

New & Rebuilt Fire Extinguishers From The Most Trusted Brands

As a licensed fire extinguisher company committed to meeting the highest standards for fire safety and protection, we only work with fire extinguishers from Badger and Amerex. Based upon our three decades of experience, we believe that these two brands offer the best fire extinguishers on the market today. Badger and Amerex are trusted brands with excellent safety records and longstanding reputations for making exceptionally durable and reliable fire extinguishers. Client can choose to buy new or certified rebuilt fire extinguishers, both of which are backed by the longest warranties in the industry.

Our Fire Extinguisher Services Will Keep You Compliant with California Fire Code

Whether you have just received a fire code violation or recently renovated your building, we're here to ensure that you have the necessary fire protections in place to protect the people and property in your building. This includes helping you develop a fire safety plan; having the proper number, type, and size of fire extinguishers in place; providing fire safety training and extinguisher demonstrations; and conducting ongoing inspection and maintenance services. We're so confident in our fire extinguisher services, that we guarantee California fire code compliance.

Fire Extinguisher Inspections, Teardowns & Hydrostatic Testing

Annual fire extinguisher inspections must be performed by a Fire Marshall approved company like Front Line Fire. Most years, this annual inspection involves verifying that all fire extinguishers have sufficient pressure, proper weight, and intact seals, generally referred to as our fire extinguisher refill/recharge services. When on site, we also verify that all extinguisher are easily accessible, properly secured, and free from damage. Additionally, every six years, we conduct fire extinguisher teardowns and every 12 years, we perform hydrostatic testing on all fire extinguisher tanks.

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Front Line Fire Specializes in Serving:

  • Apartment Buildings
  • Condominiums
  • Churches
  • Nonprofits
  • Corporate Offices
  • Service-Oriented Businesses
  • Warehouses
  • Large Estates
  • Private Schools
  • Childcare Centers
  • Healthcare Centers